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To contact me call : (818) 366-8492 or email me with any questions you may have, or to place an order.

I was introduced to clay in junior high school and took a strong interest to handbuilding and throwing at an early age. When I was 15, I joined the Potters’ Studio in West Los Angeles where I met many fascinating potters over the course of 12 years, going there to learn and work after school and during summer vacations.

My formal education was at the University of California, Berkeley where I received my BA in the Practice of Art. I was very fortunate to have taken classes from Peter Voulkos during that time. For my junior year I studied abroad at the University of Padova where I concentrated my studies of Art History and Italian.

During the last 7 years I have made ceramics my main vocation, after a 25-year career as an art director/graphic designer. Those years as acommercial artist gave me the professional expertise to design large-scale architectural projects for a variety of clientele as well as producing gallery art and functional pieces.

Currently I am exhibiting much of my work at a new gallery in San Fernando, La Galeria Gitana. The director has chosen thematic settings for the various shows and I seem to work well within that framework. I thought I would be creating abstract works but my path has gone to more representational subjects.

My studio is in my home where I live in Granada Hills. When I am working on a large jobs it seems my entire property becomes engulfed in clay pieces and equipment. Clay is a material that you have to “live” with since there are many steps in the process and each one requires that the material be in a particular stage of drying before the firing and glazing processes begin. There is always an element of surprise!