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finished mural at rignt (click for larger view)

The site...North Hills, the corner of Langdon Ave. and Rayen Street (near Sepulveda and Nordhoff)

Operating on the the property of the Church of Sepulveda is a youth outreach organization called North Valley Caring Services. I approached this group during the summer of '03 and proposed a large scale ceramic mural project which could involve the children of the community. We put our heads together and wrote a grant for the Neighborhood Matching Funds program. We were awarded a grant for phase one of this project - The Flora and Fauna of Southern California. Phase one will depict sealife, from the ocean's depths ascending through a reef and up to the shoreline and beach.

I have done extensive research and all the wildlife in the mural will be indigenous to our coastline so you won't see any angel fish! You will see everything from octopus to jellies and even some blow up details of plankton, parasites and Garibaldi.

The project is meant to be educational as well as an opportunity for children to experience the wonderful clay medium. And the main goal is to provide an element of beauty for the community.


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After the main drawing is enlarged, a tracing is made on 6mil plastic sheeting.

Doug (my SO) does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work like building this massive sturdy table. But here he's just getting dirty.

Art Sanchez is the lead assistant. He has been there to help every step of the way and is very skilled. Here is holding a shark he made.

Alec Echevarria getting a kick out of Samantha's zany approach to community service.



Wendy is a very meticulous artist.
She worked on a special detail plaque of jelly fish.

Alec working hard on his "plankton" study.

Carving by the book!

A little smile for the camera from Sam and me.

Left to right: Armando, Rigo and Oliver each have become "regulars" at the studio and I love their work.

This is a detail from section 2....of one of our favorite elements....

Adrianna and Kryzel...beautiful girls doing beautiful work.

These kids had a ball one day making starfish and small fish.

Each participant gets to sign a border tile.

The elements of section 1 (bone dry clay...we'll start glazing after all the opieces are formed)