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Installations and large scale projects

Tree of Life - Topanga, California

Without a doubt, this was the most challenging job we have done to date. The long mural in North Hills may have been more square footage, but this was built to fit a curve, and an uneven one at that. Figuring in shrinkage for this was not simple. See below more of our working shots. There are several so I have divided it up into two pages:

Building the Form and Making the Greenware

Bisqueware through Installation (below)

other shots of final fountain

From bisque firing to Installation

Here is our first firing...

I didn't like the way the backgound looked after the first firing so I applied more glaze and refired.

I try to give the backs a litle bite for the thinset.

Shims were used to retain the curvature during the firing.

We began to assemble the final pieces back onto the form.

There was a lot to think about in preparation for installation.


Doug has made a layout for dry fitting the pieces before we move them up to the job site.

Here are all the pieces being dry fit .

We prepared to lay out the artwork .


The heavy pieces forming the trunk were first to go up. .


this is at the end of the first day .

Packing up the tools .

Doug and Jamie doing the hard work. I was still hobbling around recovering from foot surgery.

We used the angle grinder to make a clean, straight trim of all the tiles before adding the trim tiles.

I was happy to do the grouting.

Almost done!

The plumbing was the final step. Here Doug is making the fittings.

Antonella is one of three chldren in the family. the little angle she is holding was the last thing I set. I used marine epoxy.

Want to see more?

Bisqueware through Installation